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Marie - Moss Marketing

Hello!  My name is Marie Shields, and I am here to solve your brand awareness and online marketing issues, in a collaborative, results driven and positive way! 

My educational background in Communications, PR and Digital Marketing was complimented in a practical sense right off the bat, with seven years working in social media marketing and public relations. The last three years that I spent as Communications Manager, in a growing, start-up environment - helping to build a now, a thriving and successful brand, was where I really learned my craft and developed a true love for my trade. 

This love for building brands and seeing the real impact that an integrated marketing plan and creative thinking have, that ability to transform a company through awareness - gave me the courage and inspiration to launch Moss Marketing ; where I will champion great people, places and brands and help them stand out and creatively cut through the noise.  Excited to share the wonderful stories you all have to offer - thank you for stopping by! 


Marie Shields


Letterkenny, Donegal.