New Year Tips: 5 Quick Ways to Improve Your Social Media

New Year Tips: 5 Quick Ways to Improve Your Social Media

Small business owners have SO much to do, and very little time to do it all; the New Year is a great time to take a look at the different areas of your business, and simply get organised again. While your brain is trying to settle back into work-mode, why not ease yourself in with a few tips to help you get your online marketing spruced up for the year ahead?!

Here are five mini-social-media tips  that you can action, today; 

#1 Update the Basics

Is your profile picture grainy? An old version of your logo? Obscured by the circular profile picture options? It’s a good time to fix it up, your profile picture is a window to your brand and a first point of contact for many, so let’s make it high quality and easy to read/see. 



#2  Invite to Like

Hoping to improve your Facebook following this year? An easy (and free!) way - to grow your numbers is to go back through older posts and 'invite' anyone who hasn't liked your business page, to do so. Simple.As.That! Note: The amount of 'likes' your page has, is not everything - you need to make them customers in order for that figure to mean anything, so don't beat yourself up over the number, quality over quantity every time. 

INvite to like moss.png

Invite to Like! 


#3 Start Using Video

Around 500 million people watch videos on Facebook everyday – if you’re not in a position to make videos (though, any of us armed with a smartphone can, give it a go!) or, don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera (don’t force yourself, you don’t have to be the star of your business video if it doesn’t feel right!) why not share videos from other, relevant sources, or film something connected to your business with your phone, and place subtitles or music over it? Note:  keep it verrrry short – attention spans statistically wane after 30 seconds!)


#4 Schedule in Advance

Facebook and Twitter (try Tweet Deck!) have wonderful scheduling tools that are easy to use, and mean that when you do have time to sit and plan a few posts, you can map out a weeks worth while you’re at it! There are more advanced options like Hootsuite and Hubspot too if you’re looking for something a step-up, otherwise the built in tools are just fine and very user friendly! 

hand-with-pen-mark-calendar_1325-126 (1).jpg


#5 Engage with your Followers

Now is great time to do a quick audit to see if there are any unanswered DM’s on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook messages without replies, likewise any comments, reviews, wallposts that need attention. We all drop the ball on that side of the admin a little over the festive season, so go back over recent content, and engage with those who took time to interact with your business. Customers who engage with a brand on social media, will spend up to 40% more with this brand.



Hope these tips help! Social media is no longer a good-to-have for your business, it's a must have. If you remain consistent with posting your content, and have updated your pages with the right information, it will pay off! If social media is an area you're unsure of or don't have time to focus on, send me a message  and we can work together to kick start your social media for the year ahead  - you've got this! 

Wishing you all a very happy and successful new year!





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