Video Speaks Volumes

Video Speaks Volumes


A short while back, myself and the fantastic Camilla from Póca Productions delivered an event called Video Speaks Volumes, to the Donegal Women in Business members in collaboration with Rural Enterprise Skillsnet. The event focused on how to create videos, using just the technology in your pocket (Camilla’s area of expertise!) and, once you have videos in your arsenal – how then to launch them into the world via social media (that’s where I came in!) It was exciting to cover this topic, because although social media is changing lanes around us every single day, video content remains a constant, and – something we can use to effectively connect with customers and engage people with our stories!

Camilla (Póca Productions) - Marie Shields (Moss Marketing) Image Credit: Donegal Woman

Camilla (Póca Productions) - Marie Shields (Moss Marketing) Image Credit: Donegal Woman

 “Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories that you tell.”

 -Seth Godin


Social media users are over-saturated with content now more than ever (exposed to around 5000 (plus!) pieces of branded content per day) and are starting to become passive as they scroll, how can we make them stop and take notice? Engage them with a story. Videos are more dynamic than static images. Stories about your business, your day, your product, your backstory, your customers, your suppliers – lots to consider! Videos forge an emotional connection between your brand and your audience, and create a more memorable experience.

Image Credit: Freepicks

Image Credit: Freepicks


“4 x times as many customers would rather watch a video about a product, than read about it.”


 “I don’t have the money, time or skills to create a video campaign.” Let me stop you there, you have everything you need to get started, in your pocket! Your video at its core, is communicating an idea, and the aim should be to make people ‘feel’ something, and connect with them in a short space of time. You can do this in so many ways, for example talking to camera, or panning your phone over your new products and writing a description to accompany it, or narrating the design process. A time lapse of you packing your products away, a short video of you preparing for your next event.. all of this can be done with your phone, your video option (next to your camera, usually) good lighting, a room with space (not cluttered or distracting) and decent sound (or add subtitles as 85% of social media users don’t turn the volume on when watching videos)


80% of social media users can recall a brand video that they watched in the last 30 days – (Single Grain)

 Did you watch the John Lewis ad this year? On TV or online (my guess, is both) and was the John Lewis brand plastered all over the ad, products and logos sprinkled throughout? No. But, yet again the brand is the name on everyone’s lips increasing visibility, emotional connection, heritage and brand awareness. While we don’t have the millions required to create a glossy ad campaign featuring Elton John, are there ways you can bring our audience into our world using video?

Image Credit: John Lewis Youtube Official

Image Credit: John Lewis Youtube Official

The stats –


A quick jargon free guide to how you can measure a videos effectiveness on social media:


-        Organic reach: the number of unique users (people) who saw your video organically (for free, unsponsored post) on Facebook/Instagram etc

-        Paid reach: the number of users (people) who saw a video that has been paid for (an ad/promotion i.e. a sponsored post) this is directly influenced by budgets and audience targeting.

-        Viral reach: the number of people (usually a large number) who have saw your content as a result of it being shared by one or multiple social media connections.

-        Impressions: How many times your content was seen on social media, (e.g. one person might have seen your video in their newsfeed 10 times = 10 impressions)

-        Engagement: Comments, shares and reactions to your video on social media, a great metric as your video has created direct impact and action (hopefully in a positive way!)

-        View: Bingo. People/users sticking with your content to watch some, if not ideally, all – of your video. This plus engagement is a metric you want.

 But, what counts as a view?


  •   Facebook & Instagram: 3 seconds

  • Youtube – 30 seconds

  • ‘Live’ features – as soon as someone has ‘joined’

  • Snapchat – once opened

Image Source: Unsplash

Image Source: Unsplash


Short and Sweet


Recommended lengths by channel:


  • Facebook: 15-30 second videos perform best, you can upload up to 45 minutes. When you record live, it saves and can be published to be archived/viewed later.

  • Instagram : 6-10 second videos perform best. 60 second videos can be uploaded to feed, 10-15 seconds on stories in increments, and you can record up to one hour on IGTV.

  • Twitter:  You can record up to two minutes and 20 seconds or link out to a longer video, but less than 30 seconds is the best performing length.

  • Youtube: Relatively unlimited, but up to 15 minutes until you ‘verify’ your account, and it is wholly dependent on the type of video you’re posting there. Youtube users generally have a better attention span, they’re there to consume video specifically while other social media channels require us to create short snappy interactive content to grab attention and hold users.

“Video as a form of communication will transcend whatever the ‘flavour of the month’ social media platform is.”


Last nuggets of advice: Have fun with it, be yourself or if you’re uncomfortable, focus on filming other aspects of your brand. Don’t ‘go live’ unless prepared. Use captions and wording as much as possible. Practice! Take courses (would highly recommend the Póca Productions training) and use apps (Quick App, Animoto) and just play around with the video features on your phone. If budget is there, commission a local film production company to make one or a series of videos for you, and learn from that process. It’s the future of content creation, and within our capabilities so let’s get ahead of the curve

– lights, camera – ACTION 😊


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